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Lighting comparison old vs new technology LED SSL, oh my


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What color do you want from your bulbs?

For the past few years here in the USA many businesses have implemented ‘newer technology’ lighting in an attempt to save on their energy cost.  Unless this capital expense can be financed or they are cash rich; it becomes a cost comparison issue regardless of the environmental benefits.

What is the cost to operate the lights?  This is the major factor related to the ROI.  Who can finance; should you finance?  These factors and more are presented in a spreadsheet to assist earth energy Solutions end users in their decision making process.

The generations of LED / SSL technology continue to be developed and we are far ahead of the typical incandescent, sodium vapor, metal halide, fluorescent technologies we consider ‘typical’.

Street lighting for an example when replacing old with new LED can save up to 70 +/- % on energy consumption which equals energy expense.  The results are immediate in truly lighting up an area as opposed to a yellowish hue.

Our Schools provide more valuable assets when retrofitting the inside lighting.  The faculty and students will then coexist in safer indoor Air Quality.  Removing the ‘flickering’ and toxins from fluorescent and CFL lighting provides a healthier overall indoor environment.  Further, the Schools reduce their expenses which they desperately need due to budget cut-backs

The benefits are huge over the long-term.  That is the way businesses need to rethink ‘lighting’.  The traditional throw away commodity called a light bulb is fading into the sunset and unfortunately into our landfills.

Together, we must consider how we recycle these old toxic materials which are in a large part not recyclable and cause serious problems in our watershed and other places. Learning about 100% recyclable LED products is an obligation to us for so many positive reasons.

Job creation is our primary motivation when working with businesses and recommending Energy Efficiency measures.

We are seeking Electricians, Lighting Design Engineers and equivalent experience in the USA.

For more information on Lighting Comparisons, cost and energy efficiency or obtaining your Energy Star Label, contact us Analysis@eeSGroup.US

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