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Utility Tax Audit

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Complimentary full Utility Tax Audit for US businesses.

Once authorized we go to work for you to research and recover four years of possible overpayment (water / electricity / telephone / natural gas) for US qualified businesses at no expense to you.


March 18, 2011

Dear Organization:

Did you know that Company’s throughout the US, like yours, have been overcharged on some or all of your utility bills?  Further, did you know there is a very effective, legal and painless way to recover those overpayments?

We cordially invite you to participate in our complimentary Utility Tax Audit to recover possible overpayments over the past four (4) years.

One of our three (3) top rated Audit Firms across the Country will be assigned to review, in cooperation with your Utility Providers, all records. We often find all utility company errors in the Clients favor.   Telephone Company, Water / Sewer Company, Natural Gas and Electric Company.

Your Commercial Energy Consultant has two (2) pages clearly identifying your rights and our desire to support, at no charge to you, positive financial results for you.

Once the Letter of Authorization and identification of all utilities and their respective account numbers, we will go to work to analyze all your bills.  This process takes approximately 6-8 weeks to put the money in your hands.  All recovered money’s are shared 50 / 50 between you and our Services.

Thank you for considering this unexpected abundance.



Christian Sea Perkins



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