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earth energy Group acknowledges positive Ikea move to LEDs in shops around the world

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October 02, 2012 | Christoph Hammerschmidt | 222908144
Ikea makes move to LEDs in shops around the world The Swedish furniture shop chain Ikea has announced that it will phase out all incandescent bulbs and CFL lamps in its shops across the world. By 2016, the company plans offer only LED-based lighting fixtures and illuminants.

The company said the move will help its customers to lead a more sustainable life and lower their energy bill. Ikea experts have reckoned that each LED luminaire saves its operator 5,30 euros per year. The LEDs will be sold at the lowest possible price.

At the same time, the company will replace all entire in-shop lighting systems – more than a million light sources in its shops around the globe – to LEDs and “other energy efficient light sources”. An Ikea spokesperson said that the company will use quality as one of the principal criteria for its purchase. “We want to avoid that buyers return their products to us,” she said. The LED product spectrum offered at Ikea stores will be identical around the world. For this reason, each product will have to meet all legal and technical standards.

“LED revolutionizes lighting”, said Ikea Chief Sustainability Officer Steve Howard. “We believe that everyone should be able to afford a sustainable way of living”.

Nature conservation organisation WWF hailed Ikea’s move. “Our goal is that in the future only renewable energies will be used. In order to remove our dependence from fossil fuels we need to exploit all possibilities. Almost 20% of the global energy consumption is associated to lighting. For this reason, the changeover towards LED technology is a cost-effective means to change things. Ikea’s shift towards LEDs will greatly affect the private energy consumption throughout the world,” said Samantha Smith, head of WWF’s global energy and climate initiative.


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