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LED Lighting

Which do you consider safer?Why Use LED Lighting? (Light Emitting Diodes)

  • LED saves 75% to 90% over your current lighting.
  • LED emits very little, if any, heat and no electromagnetic radiation.
  • LED lasts as much as 50 times longer.
  • LED uses its own power supply.
  • LED does not use ballast that burn out.
  • LED operates on a 12 volt system.
  • LED has no glass to break or toxins to harm you.
  • LED will typically produce a 1-3 year Return On Investment.
  • LED is a green solution, Government tax credits and deductions.


Send all inquiries to Analysis@eeSGroup.US OR connect with your Energy Specifier to determine if you qualify for a Complimentary Energy Savings Analysis.

Contractors bidding on Lighting / Electronics Dealers / Distributors eligible for wholesale.  Inquire with your Energy Specifier or contact Analysis@eeSGroup.US with questions.


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