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Technology Fact Sheets; don’t stand in your way of valuable knowledge!

This page contains links to fact sheets describing solid-state lighting, its characteristics, applications, and issues relating to its successful introduction into the marketplace.

LED Basics

  • Comparing White Light LEDs to Conventional Light SourcesPDF
    Compares current LED products to conventional lighting on the basics: energy efficiency, life, lumen depreciation, light output/distribution, and color quality (4 pages, October 2008)
  • Color Quality of White LEDsPDF
    Review of basics regarding light and color; summary of the most important color issues related to white light LEDs, including recent advances (2 pages, January 2008)
  • Thermal Management of White LEDsPDF
    Review of the role of heat in LED performance, and methods for managing heat in LED system design (2 pages, June 2009)
  • Energy Efficiency of White LEDsPDF
    Overview of lighting energy efficiency in general, and the rapidly evolving status of white LEDs (2 pages, June 2009)
  • Lifetime of White LEDsPDF
    Overview of lumen depreciation, measurement of LED useful life, and features to look for in evaluating LED products (2 pages, September 2009)
  • LED Frequently Asked QuestionsPDF
    What retailers, energy efficiency advocates, and consumers need to know to make informed buying decisions (2 pages, May 2011)

LED Application Series

LED Measurement Series

LED Performance Specification Series