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earth energy Group reaffirms Cost far outweighs Price decisions on effective energy efficiency projects

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LED lighting, just one of numerous ways to reduce energy consumptionAt earth energy Solutions GROUP we have repeatedly found that most businesses look at PRICE, cheating themselves out of a potentially greater annual reduction in energy consumption and energy spend every single month.

It is understandable with economic pressures and the commissioning of implementing quick, less expensive solutions that the time spent on researching them will be minimal. Fear interferes with logic. Quick and less expensive is an emotional decision. We all must consider the most sustainable decisions possible.  That requires knowledge of your accurate utility data, establishing a baseline and monthly benchmarking.

We are all responsible to reduce energy consumption from the Utilities by 20% or more by 2030; we can and should do better than that.

COST on the other hand looks at the life of the projects and we need to factor them into the decision making process

  • historical, current and projected energy consumption uncovers inefficiencies
  • reduced maintenance on Lighting, HVAC, windows, roofing, insulation and data centers
  • reduced load on the electric utility = reduction on your energy spend
  • reduced GHG (Green House Gases) aka toxic pollution within and outside of the buildings

Oh those increases, how sweet they are:

  • increased property value
  • increased asset base
  • improved air quality and working conditions within the buildings
  • improved performance and overall health and safety of all occupants in the buildings
  • increased life of facilities, equipment and structures
  • improved bottom line (job regeneration)
  • improved environmental stewardship
  • improved lighting, heating, cooling and overall operations / environment
  • improved controls and accuracy of benchmarking and controlling energy consumption\
  • increased knowledge of regulatory incentives and rebates through 2013

This is a teaser review as all productive businesses recognize the benefits above.

earth energy Solutions GROUP specializes in ‘energy efficiency studies’ and are pleased to discuss the merits of an evaluation with you.


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