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Why must businesses be so detailed, aware and willing to change to energy efficiency?

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As the world turns, so must change, opportunity, growth, the unexpected, surprising new found technologies and very achievable solutions to more effectively managing energy consumption.

In simple terms, being more energy efficient reduces energy spend; puts money back into the bottom line for … You name it; what isn’t your company accomplishing due to reduced revenue and inadequate operating funds?

If you do not fully agree it is achievable, I suggest you have not been exposed to accurate data.  Not surprising as time is such a premium commodity and the fast changes represent a challenge in prioritizing how man-hours are allocated.  Consider outsourcing within the US where the applicable and required knowledge exists in abundance.  Beware of the typical ‘wanna be’ that is just getting into the ‘game’ minus the required knowledge to qualify or certify as an Energy Specifier.  This is not new, just relatively unknown; isn’t it always relative?

For over 40 years it was publicly announced and supported while equally ridiculed and remains highly debated today that we humans are causing environmental damage.  The term “Global Warming” equally debated and now we are embracing a more acceptable term “Climate Change” which is getting more attention.  Why are the first six months of 2012 in the books as the very hottest in recorded history?

So, it is our obligation to ‘fix it’, slowly stop and eventually reverse the negative effects we have shrouded over our planet earth.  We are turning around the perceived slow acceptance and strong reservations for businesses to search out the knowledge of current technology, proven energy (and CO2) reduction Case Studies along with accurate data on their own energy consumption since the Government in 2005 initiated energy efficiency incentives is changing. It also, as written, expires in 2013 if not sooner.

Businesses have been forced through the environmental and economic trends over the past four years to stand up, take notice and do something about it.  There are, and have been for decades, very reliable energy management / control products and services available.  They were and remain extremely resourceful in managing the largest of businesses in the US.

Small business now has a plethora of viable and sustainable alternatives to operate on a tighter budget and do it more effectively than pre-2008.  Further, the fabric of these alternative energy efficient solutions and the research and reporting guidance constitutes the education required for decision makers to conclude very comfortable and informed plans.

Facilities Managers are faced with automation and many feel threatened.  Instead, embrace the additional resources available to do a more effective job for your Employer or Contractor. Think and act outside the ‘traditional box’ you have worked in; the realm of sustainability requires an open mind and willingness to search out the impossible and deploy it.

The results are too effective to continue ignoring ‘what if’ and now is the time to get the facts and make sustainable decisions.  If you need direction, reach out to us … we serve our purpose.

… CSea Perkins, “mitigate indecision with accurate knowledge”


Author: CSea

... embracing what I can change and accepting what I cannot, while totally grateful for everything about my life.

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