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earth energy Group does building benchmarking and more to save you money

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Responsible Steps Achieve Reduced Energy Spend

earth energy Solutions GROUP is doing the ‘grunt’ work most small businesses do not have the time or resources to devote; specifically related to the facilities within your organizations. We use Energy Star Portfolio Manager which is free to all businesses in the US (Canada by next year)

However, we are finding that ~6,000 buildings are Energy Star quality of the billions of office space in the US.  Many that have come to us for assistance simply do not know the alternatives available to them and don’t really want to figure it out themselves.

Compare the cost to take on the Portfolio Manager in-house vs. outsourcing to experienced Energy Specifiers, like earth energy Solutions GROUP or another highly skilled ESCO.  Regardless, you have a choice and need to act upon it urgently to mitigate rising energy spend.

  • Obtain Reliable Accurate Data from every Utility
  • Recover any billing errors and future savings from Utilities
  • Bid out Energy Efficiency Solutions, equipment and services
  • Guaranteed Energy Savings
  • Financing options, rebates and incentives
  • CO2 Reduction, improved Carbon Footprint
  • Extended Energy Management, Proper, Safe Recycling

energy efficiency reduced energy spend


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One thought on “earth energy Group does building benchmarking and more to save you money

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