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earth energy Group debates LED Lighting indecision with business owners

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… especially in our Schools and Government Buildings.  OK, I stand corrected, every building with occupants.

When will intelligence, practicality and sustainability win over ignorance?  I’ve often heard that the definition of ignorance is taking a firm stand on something you know little or nothing about.  In today’s economic climate we cannot afford to take this position.  Does it make sense to stand strong on something that causes your business to lose even more money?

Are you aware that LED Lighting upgrades alone can reduce your entire energy bill from 10-16% or more and you can pay for the upgrades through the savings alone?  A wonderful byproduct of this action is reducing the CO2 and other toxic emissions (like PCB’s and mercury) and pollution inside and outside of the buildings.  Being Green may not be ‘your thing’ but it adds to your longevity regardless.

It is no wonder business owners today find it daunting to make decisions about retrofitting or replacing their lighting, upgrading their HVAC, placing reflective surfaces on the roof or leveraging geothermal technology.

Then we face rapid technological improvements, the Government ‘telling us’ we have to make a change by reducing energy consumption (which makes more sense than most policy decisions) along with little or no working capital available. How dare they?

This panic over the potential cost of doing business can easily be avoided with a bit of education and it need not ‘cost you’.

TIP … Analyze Cost vs. Price.  Cost over the lifetime of the energy efficient improvements begin to make sense.  The ROI (your actual return on the investment) and reality of saving money immediately as opposed to spending more than necessary for less quality, toxic exposure and health compromise which all cost the business money.

Sounds simple and it can be if you become properly educated on the economics of energy efficiency within your own facilities.

IT IS ALL ABOUT PERCEPTION,  we do not know what we do not know.  That can be very expensive at times.

Sometimes a helping hand creates a comfortable decision

Consider accepting a helping hand from earth energy Solutions Group to prove your expense reduction options.


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