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EnergyStar leading energy efficiencyKnowing the facts about your energy consumption opens up the door to corrective measures that reduce your annualized energy spend.  Allow earth energy Solutions GROUP to uncover the inefficiencies and readily design a plan with corrective measures with on demand and automatic monitoring.

Reducing your energy spend while improving clean air, health and safety standards, inside and out.

ENERGY STAR Reveals 3 Findings About Energy Waste


earth energy Solutions GROUP offers Energy Cost Avoidance

ENERGY STAR reveals three key findings about energy waste in US organizations.

  1. Energy waste is widespread among organizations, regardless of type—commercial, education, and government entities are equally guilty of wasting energy.
  2. There is a 400% variation in building energy use in the United States. Statistically, this variation is not explained by factors such as weather, hours of operation, age of the building, technology, or square footage.
  3. Although “building components are 30% more efficient since 1980,” there has been little improvement of overall energy consumption. Buildings have become more efficient, but not less wasteful.

Source: Good Energy Management is Good Business,


Comments of the American Council for an Energy-­‐Efficient Economy
The Clean Energy Standard Act of 2012, S. 2146

ENERGY EFFICIENT ECONOMY regulatory-comments-on-CES-S2146 <– click to open document

Submitted to the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources
Steven Nadel, Executive Director
American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy
Washington, DC
May 17, 20 12


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