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Celebrate Earth Day 2012 with earth energy Solutions GROUP, April 22

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Honored, obligated and privileged to do so, earth energy Solutions GROUP celebrates April 22, 2012 as the 42nd Earth Day Celebration.

Given our mission, passion and results to date, we continue to provide optimum energy efficiency solutions to businesses throughout the US.

REMEMBER the family contributions we can all make on Earth Day and EVERY DAY.

Earth Day Activities –

Helping the Environment

About Earth Day
Learn about the origin of Earth Day. Who started it? When is it celebrated?
     When is Earth Day 2012?
Need to know the exact date of Earth Day this year? Here’s a chart that shows   what day Earth Day is celebrated from 2010 – 2016.
Earth Day Coloring Pages
Use our interactive crayon to color these pictures associated with Earth Day:   Let’s Take Care of the Earth, Love our Earth, Recycle Cans, Recycling,   Recycling Cups, a Recycling Plant, and a Sick Planet.
     Earth Day – Printables and Worksheets
Worksheets and printables include an acrostic poem worksheet, word jumble,   word search puzzles and placing vocabulary words in alphabetical order.   Vocabulary word magnets are manipulative as well as printable!
     Earth Day – Articles of Interest
Articles to help parents and teachers get ready for Earth Day. Articles   include:

     Printable Earth Day Poems
A growing collection of poems about Planet Earth. Included are some of our   favorites – Woodman, Spare That Tree, Mrs. Earth and Earth Folk.
     Thematic Reading List – Kids Books
Earth Day book descriptions and reviews for preschool and elementary reading.   Titles include: 50 Simple Things Kids Can Do to Save the Earth, Earth Book   for Kids, Earth Day Birthday, Earth Day – Hoorah, Let’s Celebrate Earth Day,   Recycle – A Handbook for Kids, The Garbage Monster, The Lorax
     Kids Activities – Earth Day Crafts
Some suggestions of Earth Day crafts for children.
     Kids Crafts Books for Earth Day
Check out our resources for Earth Day craft ideas and activities.

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