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Lightbulb comparison, calculate cost of LED vs Incandescent vs CFL vs MH vs HPS


CFLs have toxins; consider nontoxic LEDsearth energy Solutions GROUP recommends that all businesses (residents as well) know the cost over time between newer energy efficient lighting technology vs what we have known and used for a Century.

Patrick Mullins has for a decade been comparing such costs and incorporates the CO2 reduction in addition to cost savings over time.

The higher lumens offer better light; no toxins make them more desirable in all environments; their recyclability is all moving toward sustainability.  Oh, the reduced (diminished) maintenance expenses related with replacements go away.

The old inefficient lighting is not banned but why would you not leverage safer long term measures and be able to save money while reducing the toxic carbon released into our atmosphere?

We encourage your responses to that question.

Check out Pat’s CALCULATOR and decide yourself or give us a call at earth energy Solutions GROUP to help you make sense of it all.

KNOW your actual energy consumption and allow us to show you numerous alternatives to reducing your consumption and operating costs…  We do that for you at no charge.


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3 thoughts on “Lightbulb comparison, calculate cost of LED vs Incandescent vs CFL vs MH vs HPS

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