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Be the difference in your Community, create Negawatts through energy efficiency

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Thank you earth energy Solutions GROUP for participating in U.S. EPA’s January 18th webcast on “Making an Impact on Energy Use in Your Community: EPA’s Green Power Communities and Local Climate and Energy Program.” You are receiving this email because you indicated in our exit survey that you would like to learn more about our Climate Showcase Communities Program.

EPA’s Climate Showcase Communities Program helps local and tribal governments pilot innovative, cost-effective, and replicable community-based greenhouse gas reduction projects. Your community can learn from these pilot projects and replicate their successes.

There are 50 Climate Showcase Communities across the U.S. that represent a range of cities, towns, and tribal governments. These projects can help communities become more energy efficient and save consumers money through creative energy production, residential and commercial energy efficiency, waste management, transportation, and land use projects.

Each community is testing an innovative climate mitigation strategy. EPA awarded $20 million in grant funding to these 50 pilot communities, and provides peer exchange, training, and technical support to all communities interested in replicating Climate Showcase Community projects.

All communities can take action to reduce greenhouse gas pollution—and improve people’s health and quality of life by reducing air pollution, making communities more walkable, and reducing energy bills at the same time.

To learn what your community can do, visit:


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One thought on “Be the difference in your Community, create Negawatts through energy efficiency

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