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Green For All recognizes need for energy efficiency

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Dear Earth Energy,

Tonight, President Obama presents his State of the Union address. He’s expected to present a forceful vision for 2012.

The problem, of course, is that we need to be building an American economy today that will position us for the next hundred years, not just the next one. There’s a clear path to doing so, but political obstacles will make it difficult.

So today Green For All is announcing a “Plan To Keep America First,” a four-step outline of how the President can ensure that our nation remains strong and competitive well into the next century, while putting Americans back to work now:

  1. Recognize long-term growth opportunities. Specifically, the on-going growth of renewable energy, green jobs, and pollution controls
  2. Make direct entrepreneurial investments in green technology. Leverage the government’s resources to support the clean energy economy and ensure a robust return on its investment.
  3. Make direct investments in infrastructure – with an eye toward the future. Build infrastructure now that considers long-term sustainability and energy use trends.
  4. Use full power of the executive branch. It’s vital that the private sector work with President Obama to figure out creative ways to make progress.

The plan is ambitious and not politically easy. That’s where you come in. Take a few minutes to read the plan. Then, contact your member of Congress using our online tools. Let the President and your member of Congress know that you support Green For All’s bold, forward-looking agenda for America.

We’ve seen repeatedly over the last few months the power of speaking out, both on Wall Street and online. It’s time for us to step up once again and demand the jobs that will keep America first.

Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins

P.S. Please share the “Plan To Keep America First” with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter. Here’s a tweet you can use:
Let’s put America back to work today. I support @GreenForAll #KeepAmericaFirst plan. Read + share the plan:


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