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There are multiple sources to obtain your LED replacement bulbs for business and residential areas.  We offer several alternatives and always encourage you to look at the details (specifications) as closely as you would making any capital investments.  Today we are featuring the Toshiba, a viable solution to replacing Par30’s.

TS_PAR30 Short Neck 800 Series_670

About The Toshiba 16P30S/827SP8 710 Lumens LED Light Bulbs, PAR30 Short Neck – 70 Watt Equivalent – Dimmable

Incandescent bulbs a quickly becoming a thing of the past and the new technology replacing them is LED home lighting.  LED light bulbs are much more energy efficient than incandescent / halogen bulbs.  The Toshiba 16P30S/827SP8 LED light bulb is 75% more efficient and also lasts up to 25 times longer than incandescent / halogen bulbs.  Other manufacturers of LED light bulbs only state initial lumen output for their LED light bulbs.  Such statements only imply that you are only guaranteed the lumen output upon installing, and any time after that the lumen output could decrease.  Toshiba LED light bulbs on the other hand are guaranteed to deliver the same lumen output for five years, and are backed by a five year warranty. 

Toshiba light bulbs also have been designed to generate desirable in home lighting colors.  In the past LED light bulbs were thought to be undesirable for in home light because of the super bright white light they put out.  The Toshiba 16P30S/827SP8 LED light bulbs feature a color rating of 2700K emitting a light beam that is equal to incandescent light bulbs.  Converting to Toshiba LED light bulbs have also been made easy because they screw right into the sockets you already have in place.  Other LED light bulbs can sometimes require the changing of hardware and in some cases even some rewiring of your lighting system.  A feature that makes the Toshiba LED light bulbs unique is that they are dimmable LED light bulbs.

Toshiba has definitely delivered the best LED light bulbs due to fact that it comes with a five year warranty against decreasing lumen output, they easily replace your current halogen / incandescent bulbs, and they are Dimmable LED light bulbs.


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