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DOE announces $12 million in 8th round funding of SSL R&D programs 12 Aug 11
With particular emphasis on meeting performance and cost targets of products for year 2020, two US DOE funding opportunities contain projects across the SSL spectrum – from LED substrate development to novel luminaire design to large-area OLEDs.
Lunera offers leasing options, rebate locator for commercial builders 08 Aug 11
Designed to reduce the initial cost of LED lighting systems, Lunera introduced a leasing program that allow positive cash flow in the first year, and a rebate locator on its website tracks down local rebates.
Opinion: the L Prize and the LED lamp market 06 Aug 11
The award of the L Prize to Philips for its 60W-replacement LED lamp leaves a few unaddressed issues, writes TIM WHITAKER.
CELMA and ELC publish new documents on LEDs and lighting 05 Aug 11
Organizations representing the European lighting industry have published papers discussing LED-based lighting, and the EC is looking for a name for its upcoming Green Paper on SSL.
Philips wins L Prize for 60W-replacement LED lamp 03 Aug 11
Philips Lighting North America has won the 60W-replacement LED lamp category of the US Department of Energy’s L Prize competition.
Cree develops prototype LED lamp that delivers 152 lm/W 02 Aug 11
A proof-of-concept LED lamp produces 1330 lm while consuming 8.7W, and has a unique appearance.
Report estimates energy-saving potential of LED lamps in Japan (MAGAZINE) 18 Jul 11
A recent report issued by Japan’s Institute of Energy Economics (IEEJ) highlighted the opportunities afforded by LED lighting.
US House votes down incandescent bulb-ban bill 13 Jul 11
The US House of Representatives failed to pass the “Better Use of Light Bulbs Act,” which aimed to repeal the 2007 legislation that will mandate more-efficient replacements for 100W lamps, such as LED-based lamps, beginning next year.
GE plans to submit 60W-equivalent LED lamp for DOE’s L Prize 01 Jul 11
GE Lighting and Cree have collaborated to develop a 60W-equivalent lamp with conventional looks that will be submitted to the DOE L Prize competition.
DOE releases Caliper round 12 summary results 29 Jun 11
The latest round of Caliper testing focused on six product areas including SSL recessed downlights, SSL track lights and various LED replacement lamp types.
EPA provides guidance for LM-80 reports in Energy Star submissions 24 Jun 11
A draft document provides guidance regarding lumen-maintenance test data of LED sub-components to support the Energy Star qualification of LED-based luminaires and lamps.
LRC publishes ASSIST volumes on street-lighting evaluation and glare 20 Jun 11
New publications in the ASSIST Recommends Series describe a methodology for evaluation of street light performance, and a calculation-based approach to estimating discomfort glare in outdoor lighting.
US DOE announces $14.8 million in new SSL R&D funding 08 Jun 11
The DOE continues to fund LED-based research in an initiative aimed at accelerating SSL adoption to both save energy and build an SSL technology and manufacturing base in the US.
EPA postpones effective date for Energy Star Luminaires v1.0 20 May 11
By postponing the effective date for the Energy Star Luminaires Version 1.0 specification from October 1, 2011 to April 1, 2012, EPA believes that participants will have time to apply the appropriate technical requirements.
LED T8 replacement lamp products featured in DOE Gateway report 19 May 11
A recent DOE Gateway report highlights T8 replacement lamp products, including lighting and economic performance as well as potential energy saving opportunities.
DOE looks at replacement LED lamps with Caliper report, webcast 16 May 11
The US DOE has released a special Caliper report on testing of replacement LED lamps that are available through retail channels. In June DOE, will host a webcast on LED replacements for linear fluorescent lamps.
DOE releases Gateway report on Walmart parking-lot lighting 13 May 11
LED luminaires were installed in a parking lot covering more than a half-million square feet in Leavenworth, Kansas , and showed good energy savings with a quite long payback period due to the low electricity rate.
DOE municipal consortium posts draft street-lighting specification 12 Apr 11
The public has until May 2, 2011, to submit comments on the street-lighting specification draft posted by the DOE.
Lighting Science Group enters L Prize with 60W-equivalent LED lamp 08 Mar 11
Lighting Science Group and Light Prescriptions Innovators have developed an LED lamp which they plan to submit to the DOE for L Prize evaluation.
Luminaires specification finalized by Energy Star 16 Feb 11
The final specification of the Energy Star Luminaires specification, which becomes effective in October, has now been released.
DOE honors 2010 R&D achievements at SSL workshop 14 Feb 11
Achievements by four research and development project teams were honored last week at the “Transformations in Lighting” Department of Energy SSL workshop.
Europe seeks proposals for pilot projects on solid-state lighting 04 Feb 11
European Union funding of up to EUR 10 million will support 2 or 3 large-scale pilot projects to demonstrate the benefits of solid-state lighting.
DOE report estimates energy savings for LED lighting 04 Feb 11
SSL in 12 key applications saved 3.9 TWh of electricity in 2010 and the DOE projects more than 290 TWh in savings were the studied applications converted completely to LED sources.
DOE hosts webcast on Caliper Round 11 test results 24 Jan 11
Results will be presented for commercially-available products including arm-mounted and post-top roadway luminaires, linear replacement lamps, and high-bay luminaires.
DOE temporarily suspends the PAR 38 L Prize competition 06 Jan 11
Effective immediately the DOE has closed the L Prize competition for PAR 38 SSL retrofit lamps, but plans to reopen the competition with modified requirements at Lightfair International in May 2011.

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