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Does Lighting In the Classroom Affect Student Concentration?

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earth energy Solutions has developed a strong relationship with Schools in the US and rely upon the Energy Star standards to improve their energy efficiency and well being.

A study of pupils in a UK high school indicates that the school’s lighting system has had a positive impact on student concentration levels. The Epsom and Ewell High School is the first school in the UK to have a classroom lighting system specifically designed to improve the learning environment for pupils.

The system—Philips’s SchoolVision—features different lighting settings that help create different classroom ambiances; the system was installed in two of the school’s science laboratories before the start of term last September. Since then, City University London has carried out a series of standard D2 tests which measure concentration, as well as focus group research with teachers and pupils. This research has revealed the following:

  1. Year seven pupils in one of the SchoolVision classrooms saw their scores on the D2 tests increase by 17 points (D2 test mean percentile score).
  2. Year seven pupils in the other SchoolVision classroom improved their scores by 40 points (D2 test mean percentile score).
  3. A control group demonstrated no improvement in concentration levels over the same time frame.

The findings echo those from other research into the effects of the SchoolVision lighting system. A year-long study in a primary school in Hamburg, Germany found that, with the SchoolVision lighting system, pupil reading speeds increased by 35 percent, frequency of errors fell by almost 45 percent and restlessness was reduced by 75 percent.

A similar study in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, shows equally positive results, reporting that pupils score on average 18 percent higher in concentration tests with the system. Pupils were also shown to be more motivated by this lighting system and rated their learning environment higher.

SchoolVision is based on the idea that different tasks require different levels of energy and concentration. The four settings—Normal, Energy, Focus and Calm—produce lights of different color and intensity to create the best atmosphere for a particular task or particular time of day.


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One thought on “Does Lighting In the Classroom Affect Student Concentration?

  1. I feel that this is a great presentation to show Teachers, Educators and Especially Administrators
    what can be accomplished by using New Technologies to benefit our students class activities and at the same time conserve energy and lower electical bills.

    This can also benefit many other businesses and office productivity by setting moods at work for you employess by creating a more reactive enviroment to help improve employee enthusiasm and productivity


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