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need to ban incandescent and CFL for safer environment

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Image showing both a fluorescent and an incand...

fluorescent and incandescent bulbs are inefficient

It appears the evolution of energy efficient lighting was stalled a century while other technologies were center stage. 

With the onslaught of crucial reasons to reduce energy consumption, why not analyze the ‘cost of doing business’?  How much does it cost to power your light bulb choices?

You need to compare the actual cost of the bulb and energy you pay for to operate them.  earth energy Solutions | eeS Group analyzes these costs and generates a clear report showing the savings, at no cost to the consumer.

Your personal and corporate affairs require scrutiny, education and caution with confidence.

We don’t know what we don’t know; however, we can choose to learn and make ecoWise decisions…

eeS Group brings your attention to the results of the most recent attempt to thwart the incandescent bulb ban in favor of ‘energy efficiency’ that will save us money and reduce our environments pain… CSea


known for energy efficiency

known for high energy efficiency lighting

Looks Like the Law Signed by George W. Bush in 2007 Will Stay on the Books

As I mentioned a couple days ago, Republicans were trying to block a law setting minimum efficiency for lightbulbs, which would have made U.S. citizens waste $12.5 billion in wasted electricity over the next 9 years, or the equivalent of what 33 power stations produce. But it didn’t quite turn out the way Michele Bachmann and the Tea Party wanted…

High-efficiency LED lightbulbs. Check out our reviews here. Photo: Michael Graham Richard

They Might Try Again
The 2007 law that mandates a minimum level of efficiency about 25% higher for all light bulbs, which would effectively ban the very inefficient 100-watt incandescent bulb, has survived… for now.

But Tuesday night’s vote in the House of Representatives failed to muster the two-thirds majority needed under special rules invoked by Republicans to fasttrack the repeal.

The bill did get a 233-193 majority in the House, however, and Joe Barton the Texan Republican behind the measure told US politics website Politico he would try again to get the legislation through – by any means.

“We can put it on an appropriations bill”, he said. “We can back it under a rule. I can try and go to some of the Democrats who didn’t vote for it and figure out a way to get them to consider voting for it in a different format.” (source)

So this isn’t over by any means.

Nudging the Invisible Hand
I’m not a big fan of regulators picking specific technologies. They tend to get it wrong, like with corn ethanol. But setting broad standards that apply to all technologies is a proven way to encourage innovation and competition. MPG requirements for cars have helped make them more efficient, and minimum efficiency standards for lightbulbs can do the same.

Whatever your political affiliation, waste shouldn’t be glorified. Incandescent bulbs aren’t about freedom, they’re just relics of a bygone era, and they’re sticking around because most people have no idea how much they spent on lighting, so there’s a blind spot for the invisible hand of the market. But by nudging things in the right direction with broad efficiency standards, we can accelerate the improvement of CFLs and LEDs and bring on economies of scale faster, bringing prices down. Once high-quality LEDs bulbs (see reviews below) are only a few bucks each, everybody will have won. People’s wallets, the planet. Even Michelle Bachmann can have lower electricity bills and spend the money on gold bullion or whatever…

See also: Light Bulb Ban Would Save Consumers $12.5 Billion by 2020, Eliminate 33 Power Plants

Via The Guardian

Energy Efficient LED Lights Reviews
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