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A day without electricity, are you prepared

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Latest from Homeland Security | National Terror Alert Response Center … Posted: 02 Jul 2011 11:16 AM PDT

A businessman man in Elma is leading the fight against a major threat to the nation’s electrical grid. WBFO news contributor Rich Kelmman and senior correspondent for WGRZ-TV tells us about Electro Magnetic Pulse or EMP. Have you ever considered what would happen if one day all electricity just stopped. Local businessman Henry Schwartz thinks […]

This story comes to us via Homeland Security – National Terror Alert. National Terror Alert is America’s trusted source for homeland security news and information.

The threat of Electro Magnetic Pulse  <– CONTINUE Reading.


We don’t know what we don’t know yet we retain a choice to learn and do something positive with that knowledge.

We need to prepare for lack of electricity resulting from numerous events, be it the inability to pay the bills or a not so uncommon disaster (weather or deliberate).

Have all the necessities (your kits) ready, discussed and acted out.  Do a ‘fire drill’ within your offices and residences so everyone is prepared ahead of time.

Package the standards of non-perishable foods, water, candles, flashlights (LED), Rx’s, fuel and cash.  When the power is out, virtually everything shuts down including the ATM’s and gas pumps.  Some DC power backup with one or two LEDs will outlast the ‘event’.

You need to prepare for a disaster as well as the recovery stage of whatever could face us.  What else should be in the ‘kit’?  Some practical clothing and bedding put aside with tents and tarp tightly packed.  The important documents placed into zip lock bags and electronics wrapped in huge plastic garbage bags, the common sense preparation, the individual needs for you and your pets and your family being together.

Act now if it isn’t already complete, inspect what you expect and confirm fresh batteries, toiletries, food and water.  Great practice session if nothing else.  A rather inexpensive insurance policy in the whole scheme of things.


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