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earth energy Solutions supports new Mercury and Air Toxics Standards

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Refineries owned by energy companies produce a...

environmental emissions


Write the EPA and let them know how you feel.  There is also a link on Facebook

How Utilities make money investing in clean energy

Strongly supportive of the new Mercury and Air Toxics Standards rule that for the first time would limit mercury and other hazardous air pollution  from America’s power plants.

Every  year, coal-fired power plants emit 386,000 tons of hazardous air  pollution, including 72% of America’s toxic mercury air emissions and  76% of America’s acid gas emissions.

These  pollutants pose very significant health threats to every American —  from brain damage in newborn infants to various forms of cancer to  cardiovascular, dermal, respiratory, and immune systems damage.

Put  simply, the new standard will save lives and protect millions of  Americans from preventable disease. And the economic benefits are likely  to outweigh the costs by up to 13:1, resulting in total health and  economic benefits of an estimated $140 billion annually.

We’ve  waited more than 20 years for these strong new standards, and it’s time  we forced power plants to clean up their pollution that inflicts such  tremendous damage on our health.

Thank you for setting a strong Mercury and Air Toxics Standards rule, which I fully support.


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One thought on “earth energy Solutions supports new Mercury and Air Toxics Standards

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    understanding the harm justifies quick resolution … don’t ignore reality.

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