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Home Energy Rating System Program Booklet

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Home Energy Rating System Program Booklet.

… as noted by Roger D Martin, Energy Efficiency Guardian:  “Reducing our demand on the energy grid is of dire urgency if we stand a chance of infusing money back into the economy to create new jobs.

Great read and proactive steps all Residents should know.

However, given this is very ‘dated’ material with a positive message, we encourage you to supplement LED lighting for the recommended fluorescent to eradicate ballast energy consumption and reduce overall energy bills to ‘light’ the lights.”

Roger is busy serving businesses in Northern California and beyond with Energy Impact Assessments and education; at no charge!  The Energy Savings Analysis results are 30% energy (CO2) reduction and more within buildings.

Recommending far more energy efficient, maintenance free and economic solutions for street lighting and exterior building lighting, thereby increasing security, has been a bonus for Roger, the consumers and their patrons.

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