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Energy Education on the Rise

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Energy Education on the Rise EZezine

Given the state of our economy, our tattered environment and attitudes, we recognize the serious need for Energy | Environmental Education.

Not only expanding all school resources, applauding their successes but also opening our vision and proactive ideologies to repair what we damaged. The majority of the Schools have taken ‘Earth Day’ seriously in the past 40 years; it is all the people that have purported to have grown up  that concern me.

They need the education and improved attitude in order to fulfill our promise to Protect our Earth. earth energy Solutions | eeS GROUP has taken the posture of educating Commercial and Industrial businesses throughout the US through an effective Energy Impact Assessment.

eeS GROUP chose to use the tools available to resolve the totally unnecessary excessive energy expenses being imposed on the 97+_% of the US that has yet to leverage the most energy efficient lighting systems.

Using simple, common sense methods, earth energy Solutions is bringing 35% – 52% or even more electricity savings to these businesses. If you desire to leverage these tools in your business or become one of those proactive Educators on their team, visit http://eeSGroup.US today and make your conservation and sustainability mark on this planet.


Author: CSea

... embracing what I can change and accepting what I cannot, while totally grateful for everything about my life.

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