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Mercury (education) Quiz

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Mercury and CFL’s DUH … more than one source, be in the know!  Take the quiz and increase your knowledge.


Dear Christian,

Last week, our CEO Maggie L. Fox sent you an email about the dangers of mercury pollution. So far over 7,000 people have taken the quiz and the average score is 84%. Think you can top that?

Mercury is released into the atmosphere when we burn fossil fuels and it enters your body through the food you eat. Exposure to mercury can damage your nervous system and is especially damaging to pregnant women.

Have you taken our quiz on mercury yet?

The EPA recently proposed the first national standard for mercury and other toxic air pollutants from power plants. It’s estimated that this standard would prevent as many as 17,000 premature deaths and 11,000 heart attacks a year.

Burning coal is one of the leading sources of human-caused global warming. Coal companies don’t want to limit their toxic pollution. But with your help, we can make sure the Mercury and Air Toxics rule becomes a reality. The first step is to make sure that you know the facts.

Test your knowledge with our quiz. Then share it with your friends and family to see how they stack up against you.

The EPA is considering some important steps to curb damaging pollution. Take our quiz, and get informed.


Nicole Haber
Repower America


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