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Today’s environmental tip:

When offering the complimentary Utility Audit to the Assisted Living Facilities; be sure to introduce them to the health benefits along with severe cost reduction on energy through our LED lighting.

Knowing you can reduce the toxins, improve air quality and their overall attitudes is a blessing.  Also know the typical condition with which they are living in and offer help above and beyond.

Be extra aware of environmental conditions where older people live! As we age, our bodies become more sensitive to chemicals and environmental conditions. So you should carefully use products such as pesticides or cleaning solvents near areas where older adults live and sleep. Always follow the directions on the product package or label.

More information:

en español: ¡Sea consciente de las condiciones ambientales donde viven las personas de la tercera edad! A medida que envejecemos, nuestros cuerpos se hacen más sensibles a las sustancias químicas y las condiciones ambientales. Por lo tanto tome precaución al usar productos de limpieza y pesticidas cerca de las áreas donde los ancianos viven y duermen. Siempre siga las instrucciones en la envoltura del producto o la etiqueta.

Más información:

Want more tips? Visit EPA’s Earth Day site to learn more about Earth Day, the US Environmental Protection Agency, and what you can do to help protect human health and the environment.


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