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Travel from good to better to best, with gratitude



Jan 6 – He Got Me At Hello – I Couldn’t Wait To Say Good-Bye =============================================

When I had an office, way back when, a sales rep came in one day and asked me what business I was in.  I told him, and he asked if I had a few minutes to see whether a service he was offering might be able to help me.

I liked that…  Nice start…  He got me at hello!

However, in two minutes I was yawning! So what wasn’t working here? And what could have been done that would have kept me on the edge of my seat.


Jan 13 – Opening Up A Closed Ended Question =============================================

Conventional wisdom teaches distributors and direct sales people to steer away from closed-ended questions and instead used open- ended questions that will get a reply with more description.

I find that conventional wisdom once again fails us in that it doesn’t matter! And HERE’S WHY!


Jan 20 – Because I’m Fat, I Smoke and I Drink Too Much =============================================

I was out having fun in the evening with some of the staff at an annual conference I was speaking at, when we were joined by a couple of people from another event. They discovered the company was a healthcare company.

Mistaking me for a distributor one of them somewhat aggressively challenged me with the question:

“So why should I buy your healthcare products?”

Think about how would you answer this type of question in this situation and then click here to see how I replied…


Jan 27 – What To Do After Your Sales Conversation Falls Apart =============================================

Ever had one of those times when you couldn’t answer a question, or you slipped back into your old habit of doing a fire hose presentation and your potential partner/customer moved away from you?

Here’s an exercise that will turn that kind of call into future great ones!

Have a peaceful and prosperous week…


P.S. One of the keys to success is consistently taking action towards your goals.  The weekly edition of “Oliver’s Twist on Selling” provides a regular reminder for you about how best to use “Natural Selling” to build your business.  If there’s a colleague or team member who would benefit from the newsletter, it’s easy to let them know.  Just click on the following link and complete the simple details…



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... embracing what I can change and accepting what I cannot, while totally grateful for everything about my life.

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