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choosing positive over negative for ultimate reward

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Today, the 27th day of January, 2011 it is written:  open your eyes, accept the facts and shift your paradigm to a more responsible and sustainable one.

Why?  Peace and achievement.  Why not?  Remain stuck in the lost and found box.

Give yourself the luxury of unconditional happiness.  What?  Yes indeed, it is possible.  Begin by believing in the impossible.  Then carefuly choose your thoughts words and actions.

Why?  Because they create the energy around you.  Attract those and what you want by emitting the same thoughts and actions.  Just like that proverbial boomerang.  You get what you send out.  So put out, so to speak.  Be the excellence, brilliance and achiever you can be.  Allow others to be drawn to you for your authenticity, practical communications and forever grateful attitude.

Begin NOW or forever hold your peace and actions, at least around us.

CSea Perkins


Author: CSea

... embracing what I can change and accepting what I cannot, while totally grateful for everything about my life.

One thought on “choosing positive over negative for ultimate reward

  1. Great words of wisdom!

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